Bus Chaperone Guidelines

  1. Chaperones should space themselves out on the busses to aid in supervision of students.  There should be chaperones in the middle and rear of the bus wherever possible, not just in the front.  Your physical presence throughout the bus will eliminate 98% of all disciplinary problems.  Staff members must sit in the front of the bus in order to facilitate instructions to the bus drivers.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed on the busses.
  3. Students are expected to follow all school rules while on the bus, just as they would on school grounds.  Anything that would not be allowed in school is not allowed on the bus.  This has been made clear to all students.  This includes language, boyfriend/girlfriend personal displays of affection, yelling etc.
  4. If you experience any behavior problems, please report the names of students and the nature of the problem directly to Ms. Oser as soon as possible.  Ms. Oser is the sole person responsible for determining consequences for misbehavior.  Officers are available on each bus to supply names of students.